Suzana Mendes

“Jardim Secreto”
In times of social media and virtual relationships, the moment is fleeting. It does not matter so much to seizing it but capture it and put it in evidence in the cloud of the virtual world. We used to be reduced to atoms of a molecule but today we are reduced to the pixel of an image. Living for likes in a relationship that happens wirelessly and through the touch of screens.
We have the false sense of being capturing the world we live in, reducing it to algorithms and compressing it into clouds of information that serve as oxygen when, in fact, every time we photograph something we move further away from the object; in the same way, we move away from the conception of humans, the more virtual we become between each other. As an image that does not have to be finished to be interpreted (and then discarded for a new one), have we reached a point where human contacts are condensed that they are reduced to formulas?
“Secret Garden” explores the relationship of the digital image with our everyday life. The fetish and the need to capture everything and nothing at the same time, storing memories in clouds that may never be accessed by the excess information it contains. The eternal search for the best image, in anxiety that does not allow us to live the moment.

Born in Sao Paulo (1977). After graduating from the University of Sao Paulo, she started her studies in Photography at the Pan-American Arts & Design School in 2010, concluding her education while she worked as an assistant in a contemporary art gallery. The combination of both activities brought her a baggage and knowledge that have consolidated a technically keen approach and refined aesthetics: art and photography intertwine in all her projects, whether commercial or authorial.

Constantly improving, she deepens her knowledge through study groups and courses targeted at creativity and visual production, is dedicated to understanding photography as a concept and as a philosophy, and aims at bringing to the eyes of others that what goes unnoticed on a busy everyday life in the materialization of the “brushstroke of light”.

She opened her studio in 2014, where she experimented with the possibilities of commercial photography. Discreet and versatile, she currently divides her work among portraits, architecture and interior design photography, and authorial projects, developing intimate, oneiric works, with delicate and sublime aesthetics.