Sterre Fenna van der Waals


We live in a world where women are often portrayed as sexual objects. We have not only learnt to reduce a woman’s body to its attractiveness, we have taught women to look at their own body that way. I too find myself pointing out the parts of my body that do not fulfil mainstream beauty standards. Hiding whatever imperfections I have found. I find myself pretending to be confident, because that too is considered to be more attractive. Constantly adapting the way I look to what I think others would want me to look like. Feeling ashamed and unworthy, when the moment comes that I realize I am nor ever will be as perfect as an object. Isn’t that ridiculous? I am not an object.
Am I?

Appearances. Appearances.
In our world full of social media, we’re only shown the attractive sides of people.
With its current pace, it influences the way we treat other body’s as well as our own
As a female photographer I desire to capture women without degrading them to their
attractiveness. Something I think we need to see a little bit more, in that pile of images we’re shown every day.