Roos van de Kieft

“Body of Work”

‘Body of Work’ is a reaction to the digitized image culture that surrounds us; a culture that causes us to become passive consumers of images. By exploring the relationship between space and its photographic representation, ‘Body of Work’ shows how (fashion) photography can be displayed differently. The work shows an image as a physical object that interacts with its surrounding space, rather than being displayed as a digital file on a screen. By encouraging the viewer to move around and see the work from different angles, this project aims to make the viewer conscious with their own physical body and question the way they perceive imagery.


“Inside Out”

‘Inside Out’ is a recycled photo project that stemmed from obsessively
collecting yoga images found in instruction books from the 70’s. These books
portray primitive forms of photography and styling, showing us how visual
cultural has changed over time. By scanning, printing, sculpting, photographing
and printing again, the work creates a new context without the use of any
digital manipulation. ‘Inside Out’ questions the photographic representation by
exploring the capacities of photography in new visual experiences.

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