Remy Ugarte Vallejos

“The No Space. In between realities”
The “No Space In between” realities was conceived as a thesis for my Bachelor in Photography at ECAL. It consists of research around the image, following an analogy of the man facing the screen. Thus, the publication is structured in five layers: The image, the screen, the body, the universe, and the no space.
On the one hand, the project questions the meaning of the image today. Considering the fact, that new technologies and the internet provoked new ways of seeing images and redefined the way we communicate and interact with each other.
On the other hand, I was interested in examining the relationships between the image, the body, and space. The analogy is juxtaposed to the scientific theory of the multiverse, which suggests the possibility of the existence of parallel worlds or realities.
Finally, the inquiry explores the idea of no space, whereas everything from mental space, cyberspace and outer space interlink.
What I believe, is that there are endless different ways to perceive the world. It seems like we all learn to read our surroundings in our own individual way in order to construct our image of reality.