Rafael Martinez

“Invisible Me”
Photography has the power to eternalize a moment. In a part of a second, we store in a visual memory the instant that we deem pertinent. We share this memory with hundreds of people through different media with the intention to quickly reach out to the biggest audience. This way we often forget to really experience the instant we capture. We open a window of possibilities, but we end up not absorbing what we could when immersed in a more complete experience.
The uses of movement as a language represent the distant and fast way in which a large part of people choose to get in contact with this territory.  These associated factors serve to create a visual critical metaphor of how the look of a foreigner is impersonal, limited, and ephemeral about African reality.
The photographic series presented consists of a selection of images captured on the African continent through windows of moving vehicles. The act of looking behind two filters that delimit the field of vision of the observer, represented by the camera frame and the window, potentiates the distance from the reality portrayed and only shows a portion of what must be seen.