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The European Cultural Centre, in collaboration with Urbanautica and Paris College of Art, will host on November 23rd, the First International Conference on Photography & Education “Blurring the Lines,” at Palazzo Mora, Venice. 
Photography has evolved since its invention, and the use of different processes and tools goes along with its evolution. This event aims to reflect on the medium of photography, asking where photography is going nowadays. Indeed, with the invention of digital photography, the medium has become more accessible and less-technically craft-based, which demands a complete re-think of its definition and aesthetic approach. An international group of experts has been brought together to discuss the topic and to propose new scenarios.

The event is free entry. Reservation is welcome at
10h00 – 10h30
Welcome coffee 
10h30 – 13h00 “Evidences” Moderator: Klaus Fruchtnis
Challenges and Dreams in the Visual Career
Jaime Huidobro (Spain)
Dalia Hussein (Egypt)
Julia Gat (Netherlands)
Jonna Bruinsma (Netherlands)
Frédérique Scholtes (Netherlands)
Luca Girardini (Italy)

15h30 – 18h00 “Expertise” Moderator: Steve Bisson
Competence within the Image-Making World
Moderator: Steve Bisson (Urbanautica, Italy)
Klaus Fruchtnis (Paris College of Art, France)
Pedro Vicente (ELISAVA, Spain)
Rebecca Simons (WdKA, Netherlands)
Stefanie  Grätz (HKU, Netherlands)
Donata Pizzi (Photography Collector & Curator, Italy)
Simone Stunz (ECA, Netherlands
Lidija Kostic Khachatourian (Curator | Thinker at Akka Project, Switzerland)
PCA Talk – Collaborative Portraiture by Bieke Depoorter
PCA Talk – Social Photography by Lisanne van Happen
PCA Talk – Why the documentary? Thoughts about researching and practicing documentary photography today by Jean Kempf
PCA Talk – The Yellow period of Van Gogh was actually a lack of Blue? by Steve Bisson
PCA Talk – New Challenges in Photographic Conservation by Anne Cartier-Bresson

Past editions

Blurring the Lines 2019 – Curated by Steve Bisson and Lisanne van Happen
Blurring the Lines 2018 – Curated by Steve Bisson and Lisanne van Happen
Blurring the Lines 2017 – Curated by Steve Bisson and Rodrigo Orrantia
Blurring the Lines 2016 – Curated by Steve Bisson and François Ronsiaux