Natalia Davtyan

“I Dreamed about Walking in the Streets in Slippers”

While locked at home during the pandemic, my first thought was to continue my routine, which besides studying implied finding and photographing attractive things. Usually, I walk a lot everyday but now all I was doing was sitting or walking from one room to another. I live alone in a fifth-floor apartment with a small terrace, so I decided to walk there. I was doing eight steps in one direction, turning around and walking back. I was doing this for one-two hours a day. The more I was walking on my terrace, the more I would notice: my neighbors training on the rooftop, beautiful light on a tree or a building I had never paid attention to. Such discoveries took place on a daily basis. I started feeling intrigued and excited for what would show up next. I was playing with scales, perspectives, zooming in as much as possible, observing materials, checking the same places at different day hours. I had originally embarked on this project as a means of self-hugging. I wanted to support myself during the lockdown. But as the weeks went by, I realized that the more I was photographing the same things from the same spot, the more things were opening up to me. My feelings were similar to the ones I usually experience during psychotherapy sessions: the more I listen to myself and analyze the past, the more I understand who I really am, what I want and why. After every session I see the world differently, wondering how I have never noticed these things before. These discoveries kept me dig deeper and see how far I can go. Something that had started as a game turned into a deep project about my inner self. All photographs are made on my phone and none of them is edited. I kept them no-filter on purpose, because this way they correlate with the honesty I am approaching when having time with myself.

© Natalia Davtyan