Naomi Jansen

Tinnitus. It’s when someone has hearing damage resulting in constantly being disturbed by an inevitable sound. With this project, I want to bring Tinnitus to everyone’s attention. I want to translate the sound they are constantly hearing, into an image. Tinnitus can create a massive storm inside someone’s head.
To realize this project I interviewed different people who suffered from Tinnitus to describe to me what the sound looks like. How Tinnitus would look if it had a colour or a shape. With this information, I started to create images.
Eventually, I created five images that describe the sound of Tinnitus. I want to present them in waiting rooms in hospitals. By doing so it creates a visual and physical way to find people who also suffer from Tinnitus.
To show Tinnitus in a photographic image together with the colours and the shapes and a description of the sound makes people want to talk to each other and discuss this. I want to do this again but on the spot this time instead of using media and forums.

Naomi Jansen is a visual artist based in the Netherlands. She provides a stage for people to show their faces and tell their stories. As a visual artist, she seeks for people with a shared common ground and attempts to establish a connection between them and herself. She is specialized to unravel and depict various unseen topics from healthcare and create the perfect balance between social engagement and autonomous art.