Muhammad Nurhakim Ngatimin

“First Feminist”

‘First Feminists’ is an exhibition focused on addressing the misconceptions of modesty in Islam and lack of awareness amongst the younger Muslim women in Singapore. The exhibit designed to explore the parables extracted from the Quran emulating stories of war, matrimony and uniformity through prolific women in history like Khadija Bint Khuwaylid. It features garments created by the curator that highlight the essence of these stories while incorporating his own sculptural language through the clothes and the interior of the exhibition – which are inspired by the arches of Islamic architecture. ‘First Feminists’ explores modesty in Islam through the lens of exemplary women written in verses from the holy Quran. An immersive experience that guides you across the different facets of the dress. Objective Through a contemporary approach, the exhibition promise it’s commitment to be a manual where future generations of Muslims may use as a point of reference as they explore ideas of being seen and covered. Given how much social media has been on a steady rise, information about Islam can often be misconstrued therefore through highlighting the parables from the Quran, the exhibition is a great way for the community to express and present itself, helping to clear misconceptions. Targeted primarily towards the muslim youths as well as women from different religious backgrounds, this is an important exhibit and hope that it helps visitor understand modesty better and educate the society about the world of Islam through it’s rich history. Through this exhibition, the fashion industry get to observe how religion is being melded in the mix and hopefully stir conversation that foster inclusivity through fashion imagery. At the same time, it aims to be a platform for the industry to recognise how multifaceted and diverse dress codes in Islam through the different exhibits. The images showcased for the exhibition were shot to highlight the 3 parables that were extracted from the Quran – highlighting stories about uniformity, matrimony through the story of Khadija Bint Khuwaylid and war. Hakim Wijaya is a visual communicator living in Singapore. His work are focused on editorial design, brand identities, logos and all kind of printed matter. The imaginative worlds staged by Hakim are infused with nostalgia and inspired by unexplored spaces, patrimony, knowledge transmission and encounters. To discuss a project or collaboration please get in touch.

© Muhammad Nurhakim Ngatimin