Milena Edelstein

“Screen Capture”

“The purpose of history, guided by genealogy , is not discover the roots
of our identity, but to commit itself to its dissipation. It does not seek
to define our unique threshold of emergence,
the homeland which metaphysicians promise a return;
it seeks to make visible all all the discontinuities that cross us.”
Michel Foucault

“Screen Capture” is a serie of eight images, which are made from a set of imagery reproductions. Pictures of visual medias that have passed through the screen of my computer and which are also contained in my real and virtual universe, are constructing a labyrinthine of the spaces that simulate a reality. The images are frames of the time that passed in front of my vision during 10 minutes in an afternoon inside a room where I live. In less than half an hour, I live and carry out simultaneous actions, interrupted and overlapped by other events. I am in 300 different places intermediated by the networks in which the displaced and remixed images have become accessible. The films reproduced on youtube in front of my retina or the text scanned and publicly available on the internet, are the results of the reproduction of the original images. The reappropriation of images and the large-scale diffusion of these images, creates a progressive reformulation of ideas into a life of montage. I click on the images and I do what is called “screen capture”, and I capture what was “fading” into space. Images disappear and at the same time have an eternalized moment. The frames are indexes of my vision, my life story and my thoughts. The collection of these images from the internet, were previously taken from cinema, theater, art history and other books, which in turn were previously created from a foundation of mythology and narratives and which by their earlier were mirrored in human relations. Everything that was there on the screen of my computer and my cell phone, is somehow here, this small space that is my room.

Milena Edelstein is an artist who has graduated in visual arts at the Centro Universitário Belas Artes in São Paulo and is a postgraduate student in Photography: Artistic and Contemporary Practices at FAAP. She has attended residences, created exhibitions and projects in colaboration other artists in cultural centers such as Sesc Ribeirão Preto, Est Nord Est (Quebec-Canada), Ateliê 397, Oswald de Andrade Cultural Center, and other places. Her work is characterized by the interface between reality and non-reality produced from photography and video, with the objective of reversing and questioning the use of spaces.