Marthe Buer


I think of sexuality and how it can be so different for everybody through the use of diverse sensorial moments. I grew up with a lack of good sexual education that discusses all aspects of sex, such as pleasure, and how to be confident. Why didn’t someone teach me how I could be confident with my own body?) Lately, I’ve been asking my friends for porn recommendations. Some girls have even asked me back. I called my friend up and asked her if she wanted to do a nude shoot with me, just us girls (and her dog). She told me she had been dreaming about doing that for months now, but never dared. My mom gave me these lace panties and told me strictly to only use them when I was bringing someone special home (wink wink). I can’t count the times I’ve been called “a sexual girl” by men. Is it because I’m loud? Is it because they think I’m loud? The fact that I’m classified as “sexual” in the eyes of so many people has really bothered me, when all I feel is that I’m just like any other woman. With my project I want to explore intimacy and female sexuality with a playful and confident perspective. I want to open up the conversation about sexuality and pleasure, and the idea that women are allowed to be sexy and sexual without being classified as anything but a woman.

© Marthe Buer