Marina Caneve

“Are They Rocks or Clouds?”

Nature failure is inevitable,
we can only face it.

“Are They Rocks or Clouds?” is a research based on the comprehension of something which is so prominent that people can only adapt their lives: the hydrogeological risk. My research takes place in the “Dolomites province” (Belluno, 3.678 km2) where have been quantified 6.000 landslides. Some geologists extend this number to 10.000. The history of the Dolomites and geological studies show that landslides and floods reoccur over time in the same places. A big catastrophic hydrogeological event occurred in 1966 involving the whole province. This event is expected to have a return period of 100 years. 50 years from now. When the memory of the previous event starts to be lost
we start to get closer to the next one. My work takes place in the time frame before the next catastrophe might happen. In this space I am connecting observation and experience with the memory of previous events. Working together with a geologist and an anthropologist I have questioned issues as human perception, climate change, science…

A mountain is too big to be depicted too,
its inner structure is invisible.

The hydro-geological risk does not concern only Belluno or the Dolomites mountains, it extends to other whole country. The comprehension’s issue belongs to all our whole beloved Universe.