Liz-Ann Vincent-Merr

“I dreamt of afternoons in the forest”
“I dreamt of afternoons in the forest” is a portrait of a tree, documenting its existence over the last eight months.  I first stumbled across her during the harsh winter of 2017 in the southwest of England whilst walking through a local cemetery and returned to visit many times.  During my absences, I arrive to find an assortment of inanimate objects appearing and disappearing around her.  The tree is a female, a friend now whom I came to know through the seasons, extreme this year where I live.  Although I think I understand her, there is something more, something deeper and something much more intangible to her that I cannot grasp nor understand.
I talk to my tree.  I tell her my life, my thoughts, my troubles, my passions and the enduring love for my daughters.  She listens.  I sense she hears me but she stands there silent and peaceful, occasionally a gentle breeze will rustle her tender branches, surviving, almost flourishing, despite her displacement, unfamiliar environment and circumstances.  Maybe she is me, I am her or perhaps she is a divine being.  I feel comforted, at peace here in her presence and connected to this little corner in the graveyard.

I am a photographer based in Plymouth, Devon, England.

Human stories and the feelings associated with belonging, loneliness and home are at the heart of my practice.  A desire to be at home, to belong, to find my place in a divided society, and the chaotic and unravelling world we live in motivates most of my work.