Lisbeth Luft

“My Invisible Truth”

My Invisible Truth is a project reflecting the identity of humanity through its faith and trust in the supernatural. It displays the encounter of culture, community and the intimacy of individual faith. Through this work, I want to explore the impact faith has today on the lives of individuals as well as entire communities around the world.

Believing in someone greater than oneself shifts the perspective from me, myself and I to the substantial and omnipotent. The letting go of oneself as the most important being stands however in strong contrast to the society we live in today, promoting gadgets and lifestyles which are solely focused on the reflection of ego, personal striving and benefit.

I think there is a lot of strength in admitting that you are not in charge.

I think there is a lot of bravery in submitting to someone you cannot see.

On my quest of documenting this phenomenon around the world, I encountered how an active faith is always marked by strong commitment and dedication to the cause. Faith is not a one time thing but a lifestyle that can be reflected and lived out in various ways.
People seek some kind of relationship with the god they are believing in. Time is being sacrificed to be spent in the highest’s presence through prayer and other rituals. Priorities are made while the everyday lifestyle revolves around the invisible rather than life itself controlling the believer.

Faith provokes courage. Courage to believe in something greater than what the eye can see. Faith builds the bridge from where I am to where I could be. It connects us as humans to the unseen world. For believers, their religion means a lot, if not everything. It offers comfort, security, something to hold onto in a society in which the boundaries are literally and figuratively disappearing.

© Lisbeth Luft