Jonna Bruinsma


‘Dragone’ is about the life of a family in the historical part of Bari, southern Italy. Through an encounter with an eleven-year-old boy named Miky Dragone, I was introduced to his family. I followed the Dragone family for a period of time, became close to them, and through photography was able to capture fragments of their life in Bari. Due to the strong Italian accent of the family, we initially struggled with a language barrier.
However, this ended up enabling a new form of communication between us. I gave the three young boys of the family my camera and asked them to take their own photographs. Where our communication was stopped by means of language, the images took over. In Strada Tancredi, the street where the family lives and works, it seemed as though time was standing still.

Jonna is fascinated by unknown places and people. She is interested in the sociological aspects of their culture.

Jonna is a photographer based in Amsterdam.

© Jonna Bruinsma