Jessica Bizzoni

“Electric Sun”

Electric Sun is an exploration of the night-scapes and the daily lit environment in which the blurred boundary between technosphere and biosphere creates
alternative realities. The project sees the electric source as the fuel for new rituals. The luminous phenomena become something to hunt and to observe like a tourist
watching the Aurora. Who gain healing and rejuvenation from coloured irradiation, and others use for growing the idealised fora.
Most European night-scapes are characterised by intense skyglow. Urban planning, industries, and even domestic lightings are effecting surroundings, whereas
a City Center or the countryside. A civilised environment always implies a lighting infrastructure, so that electric light is omnipresent and it became second nature.
The body of work explores environments and objects connected to electric lightings. The man-made source is a more effective Sun, and it changed the cultural
connotation of day and night. With it, it expanded the day and it creates a new temporal space in the night. The lit darkness is the place for other activities and for other
creatures attracted to the Electric Sun.

Jessica Bizzoni was born in Italy and now works between Belgium, the Netherlands and Italy. As an artist, she works with photography, design research and site-specific projects.

© Jessica Bizzoni