Ingo Lawaczek


From the usual perspective we perceive a building as one unit and part of its own environment. The perception of architecture is necessarily the sum of all individual parts. But is it necessary to show the whole building to describe its character or is it sufficient to understand the architecture seeing only single parts of a building?

In my series FR_GM_NT_ I focus on the selective perception of architecture. I show fragments of Berlin high-rises, classified in different structure- and construction elements. The work is characterized by abstract shapes and the autonomy of the fragments. The deconstruction of each building in its architectural elements generates individual sequences consisting of the categories windows, elements of construction and facade elements. The dimensionless abstraction forms another fragment without details only with the form and colour. Each fragment can describe the building minimalistically.

Ingo Lawaczeck was born 1982 in Würzburg, Germany. He currently lives in Berlin. After graduating with a bachelor of arts at Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule in 2016 he started to work as a freelance photographer. One of his main themes are architecture and interior photography.