Gustavo Junqueira

“True Colors”

I am currently developing a photographic work as a result of a technological glitch that happened in 2015, I was running an image with my cell phone, internet access was slow and my Google search did not reveal images as usual. In its place there were compositions of colored rectangles. Going through search engines (including Google itself) and  discussion forums, I tried to investigate the cause of the formation of these rectangles. Clearly, it is a noise in the formation of the virtual image and despite the frequency with which it happens, I did not find any related explanation.
Interestingly, when running a reverse image search on google using the compositions of rectangles, all the results referred to the universe of computing: computers, cell phones, printers, monitors.  In view of this, I have concluded that the rectangles found contain in themselves some “technological D.N.A.” expressed visually by the formation of a color. But not only that, in true the bug seems to be a mixed “D.N.A. technological” word interpretation and chromatic synthesis. A puzzle that fascinates me even more.
Surprised by the beauty and organization of the unexpected compositions, my immediate reaction was to do a series of print screens to save the moment and the images. Since then, whenever the phenomenon repeats itself, I continued to make new print screens, without objectifying a specific work in art.
So in 2017, I learned how to provoke this phenomenon by changing the speed of the internet from the mobile to the GPRS mode, and the idea arose to retake it in a manner directed search to the words “gender” and “transgender” When choosing the words “gender” and “transgender” the intention was to seek the chromatic palette offered by Google, taking into particular account the aspects that touch the biological and behavioral spheres with regard to sex. It is no wonder that the flag symbol of the LGBTTI movement (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transvestite, Transsexual, Intersex) is a rainbow. Another dialogue in favor of diversity that work can insinuate by its variety of colors and tones. Another dialogue in favor of diversity that work can insinuate by its variety of colours and tones. Five hundred print screens have been already done. I send you a sample of ten of them.