Gabriela Elena Suárez


Gender violence has been covered with a cloak that has been protected and overlapped. If that veil were dyed red and ceased to be invisible, if places that have witnessed violence were marked or covered in red, how would one of the most dangerous cities to be women in the world look like?
Machismo in Mexico is overflowing, the fear of commuting my city increases in some places or hours but it is always there, even at home. My main question in this work is how to represent the fear that we feel so many women, girls and boys in Mexico?. This work is a catharsis and a call for help from my trench, photography, to denounce the violence that is being suffered in Mexico.
Red stuns, annoys, cannot be hidden like violence, but it also denounces, it screams. Velo, a play on words between the verb ver  (to see) and the word velo  (veil) is a project that was born from my personal experience but, along the way I have found the normalization of the inhuman.

© Gabriela Elena Suárez