Eline Benjaminsen

“Where the Money is Made”

By the time you have read this sentence, a trading firm will have made around 10.000 trades on the stock market. Welcome to the bizarre world of algorithmic, automated trading known as high-frequency trading (HFT). Here, profits are made at speeds the human brain can’t comprehend. ‘Where the money is made’ aims to bring this invisible and obscure economical power to light by tracing lines of algorithmic capital to the places where some of the greatest profits are being made today. Guided by geometric lines-of-sight between microwave transmitters and receivers, the work documents the physical landscapes of an immaterial market. It asks for a closer look into how value is being processed in the world today, and perhaps more importantly, it questions how we can begin to conceptualize an economic power that exists outside of human comprehension.

The project consists of a series of photographs, a narrated film (ca. 5:30 minutes) and a publication/booklet (48 pages, small format salmon newsprint).

The work of Eline Benjaminsen (Norway, 1992) explores processes of power that shape our attitudes, habits and individual possibilities, but that yet exists outside of our physical environments. By focusing on the strictly physical – that which can be photographed, her work investigates the relation between the material and the immaterial, with the aim to confront the viewers with the limit of their own vision. She graduated from The Royal Academy of Art in The Hague in July 2017 with a project on the infrastructures of algorithmic trading. The project has been featured in Migrant Journal, the Dutch Financial Daily (Het Financieele Dagblad) and exhibited at Nederlandse Fotomuseum in Rotterdam. It is currently nominated for the Steenbergen Stipendium 2017.