Elena Negri

“Un paese di nuvole e mammut”
The delta of the river Po. A fertile, wet, solitary and extensive plain. It grows inexorable. Year after year. Sea erosion and fluvial sedimentation fight a silent war. Anthropizations, provisional traces over its skin. Centuries and centuries.
A mammoth fossil has recently surprised the memory. A prehistoric nature that scratches the imagination. The clouds have always looked rather indifferent.
The result of a random touring, “Un Paese di nuvole e mammut” is a collection of traces and shapes that reproduce in the landscape, multiply and echo over time.
It was the archaeological find of a mammoth fossil in the Po Delta, which led me to reflect on the complexity of this territory. A constantly evolving, contradictory landscape, where we see time taking on different aspects every single day.
I went into the nature reserves, between the inhabited centers and inside the local museums. I have thus sought the custom in this great container of experiences, opening the survey to countless visual possibilities.