Elena Aya Bundurakis

“Eating Magma”
In “Eating Magma”, I set to explore the weird notion of being a living organism in this natural era that lies between the primal, the modern & the post-natural world. Using mainly photography, drawings, video and haikus, I am focusing on 4 F’s: the Flesh, the Food, Fauna, and Flora. Photography is used as a haptic device, rather than an optical technology. Creating an interconnecting, multidimensional universe, by combining these 4 F’s, whose roles and existence, constantly shift and mutate into each other, according to the sometimes limited human perception.
In this oozing universe, we are moving from semi-alive limpets to mushy mycologic lumps and from body surfaces to vacuumed pig hearts. Are they food, are they an animal, are they water or…? Gazing becomes a tool to cope with the strangeness of being alive, in a complex society where the personal focus and intention is easily lost, among tons of information and control systems.