Efrat Jacobovich


The way home begins when the sea appears on the left. A small piece of road that is passed by many times. A piece that perhaps contains all of the goodbyes, now, when one chooses to look at it for the first time.

In the early 90’s the artist Avshalom created a cubical, a small house, made for one person. He presented his conception of home in a structural form and asked to give a new meaning to the person in the house more so than to the house itself. How is a new meaning given to the person who is trying to get home and fails. Perhaps in the way in which he experiences the world, the ritual of the experience. An untethered person.

The work was created from the conception that photography is a tragic medium. While thehuman perception searches a permanent ground to hold on to, photography comes andreveals to us that everything is temporary. A thing is not immortal. What symbolized to usone thing, with time is emptied and filled with something else. Such too are words.

The project moves between two places of importance. The first: My parents home in Kiryat Bialik and the second: Beit Yanai interchange.

Efrat Jacobovich is an artist and photographer based in Jerusalem.

© Efrat Jacobovich