Claire Masters

I am concerned with the changing nature of social values and culture and how such changes come to bear their mark upon the landscape. Places are made up of interconnectedness, thus, a place is the assemblage of the natural and cultural coming together. Therefore, each place is embedded with histories, ideas, and values which in turn make it almost impossible to look at land, landscape or place with innocent eyes. We carry within us cultural ideologies that position and constitute place and landscape.
The stacks stand as beacons not only to the passage of time but towards our own ‘fate’ and existence upon the earth, and thus a private conversation incurs between the self and the image.
What are these strange objects that are set asunder from the land, cast into the sublimity of decay? They are distant lights of what once was and what can never be again, they are an allegory for one’s own sublime decay, a metaphor for a changing world and the last gateway through a diminishing natural history.
They become the gateway to a journey, a journey into the immense, a journey through the imaging consciousness to «realise within ourselves the pure being of pure imagination» (Gaston Bachelard).