Carlos Krithinas


The images that follow are part of a larger project developed during the course of two
months. The project depicts some members of my family and their particularities. My
main goal for this project was to try and represent that uniqueness.

My grandmother, Engrácia, has 84 years old and although she struggles with the usual
domestic routine, she is still responsible for two more lives: her husband and my
grandfather, Alexandre, with 81 years old; and my cousin Paulo, 54, who struggles with
schizophrenia and recently had a stroke.

I chose to shoot in color negative film and explore its sensitometric limits, in order to
accentuate the limbo in which they live. I think the overall color cast and the aesthetic
experience it conveys is somehow a more sincere representation of the environment of
that space, both physically and emotionally.

My first photographs go back to 2010, when I started playing around with a simple camera. I’ve always liked to look at photographs and transport myself to the moment when they were created, trying to imagine the circumstances. I particularly enjoy capturing unique moments and feelings, trying to build bridges between form and content. As a photography student, I work in different styles, but I mainly focus on documentary photography, as well as working in the music industry and with some clothing brands.