Camila Storgaard

“Seeing is not Believing”

Danish born Camilla Storgaard (1989*) is a Berlin based artist. Her experimental vision on the body, gender and sexuality takes you under the skin of the Berliners and follow closely the contours of their messy existence. Her figurative nudes form her images into new story telling photography; showcasing the urban life, queers and club kids, culminating with the sometimes overwhelming significance of the landscapes and environments, where her scenes take place. “I started photographing because of personal longing and self-discovery and continued with that in my following work. During my upbringing the nature was always very present. Several loved ones of mine suffered from mental illnesses and due to my wish to understand these, this became a strong theme of mine. This project is a case study about our subconsciousness. Dreams and their symbolic meanings have for long been an integrated part of psychotherapy and analysis to get to understand our subconscious needs and fantasies. The answers always lay within ourselves and it has been understood that every object and every person appearing in ones dream is an aspect of one self. After engaging in dream interpretation myself during psychotherapy, I got occupied with remembering and writing down any dreams I, or the people around me, had. It became a game to recreate these scenes how I remembered them or could imagine them in photographic works. My desire was to bring together dream symbolism and fantasies to help the viewer to achieve a deeper connection to their own subconscious needs and desires. By trying to catch their attention and curiosity for the inner rather than the outer world, this series will give the viewer a vision of something they have to understand within themselves.