Bernardo Jardim Ribeiro

“Police Reports”

Daily Occurrences
Scavenger birds have one of the most developed visions in the animal kingdom.
Vultures, eagles and falcons have an eye sight much more precise than the human eye. Some of these creatures are able to spot their prey from a distance of around two miles while flying. These birds live of observance. Through the enforcement of vigilance tools around city buildings, comercial establishments, traffic control and even in residences, we have found a way to play the vultures role. Banal homely environments illustrate crimes committed elsewhere. This work is composed with screenshots of actual online surveillance cameras and quotations from police reports on house invasion, rape and murder. Image and text are taken out of their original contexts and are given new meanings. One intention of this series is to expose our fears and desires of control and awareness as represented by the cctv images. However, the main goal of this new imagery is to problematize the representativity of the intertwined media once his sort of junction is often taken for granted as real and true.