Arthur Lehmann

“Au Promeneur”

Through this work, I decide to ask myself about the relationship we can have with the natural landscape. How can we represent it today? How, in connection with walking, with experiencing the landscape, can we transmit an introspective feeling to the reader, in the manner of romantic literature?

So I wonder about the construction of the landscape: how do we build it internally, and how can the landscapes in which we evolve, grow, shape us in turn?

To do this, I go to places of family memories, sometimes accompanied by my three brothers, sometimes alone. Away from the landscape shaped by man, I try to understand what touches me in these places and to transmit it. In a second step, I instinctively paint some of these images, in order to add the feelings felt during my visit.

At the same time, I immerse myself in my own archives and try to re- construct my coat landscapes. I then create what are like hotels, intimate temples in memory.

Arthur Lehmann is a photographer based in Switzerland.

© Arthur Lehmann