Anna Kieblesz 

“I am most myself in the place where I am not”

A will to disappear.
How familiar does it feel? This comfortable idea of being detached, what a pleasurable one! The desire to flee to an imaginary world, become immersed in a larger entity or disconnect from your own mind or shape.
Transcendence, religion, creation, whatever. Just let me melt.

In my work, images captured by the camera are only a base for broader exploration. Photographic camera is a starting tool, all of the following manipulation is happening in my hands, functioning as an effective research methodology. We are all so unique and so painfully the same. Being aware of that, I’m trying to universalize my deep personal issues. It is a therapy for me to create. It helps me with connecting to the others, but most of all – myself. What follows this personal involvement is deep devotion. It makes my practice also very performative and naturally becomes my way of living.